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The Ribbon Carnival is a supplier of many different ribbon styles and textures including grosgrain hair ribbon, printed ribbons, College ribbon and more. In addition to our grosgrain and other ribbons, we also supply a wide variety of other craft-related merchandise and supplies. If you are looking for ribbons for hair bows, alligator clips or any decorative printed ribbon, we are your source. Some of our more popular styles include polka dot ribbon, striped ribbon, printed ribbon, solid grosgrain ribbon and double faced satin ribbon and college ribbon.

All ribbon (except college) is cut in 5 yard increments.

Grosgrain Ribbon

- We carry a ton of different styles, colors and types of quality Schiff grosgrain ribbon products. Schiff grosgrain is great for any project or craft that needs to be of the highest quality and durability.

Satin Ribbon

- Satin ribbons are smooth and classy. When your special wedding occasion, gift or garment needs to radiate elegance our Double Faced Satin Ribbons will do the trick. Since our Double faced satin is certified by the manufacturer of the Ribbon Print Machine, companies use our satin ribbon for hot stamping, awards and promotional items.

We are always adding new items and we also offer specials on selected items. We look forward to being your source for quality Hair bow ribbon, Wholesale ribbon, Gift-Wrapping ribbon, Holiday ribbon, and more.

Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale

-- Please check out our wholesale website the Wholesale Ribbon Carnival for LOW prices and GREAT deals on grosgrain, polka dot, printed ribbons and swiss polka dot ribbons. Please note that orders placed on the Wholesale Site cannot be combined with orders placed on the Retail site.

Polka Dot Ribbon

- Looking for something fun, vibe rent and timeless? Checkout our Glitter, Swiss and Grosgrain Polka Dot ribbon. Dot ribbons are timeless and are considered a must have by every crafter.

Printed Hair Ribbon

- We have a great selection of fun machine washable grosgrain printed ribbons that are great for any craft. Select from holiday, floral prints, chevron and the ever popular zebra print.